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We sell agricultural diesel, automotive diesel and heating oil with home delivery throughout the province of Ferrara and neighboring areas.


We offer homologated tanks for automotive, agriculture and heating, selected from the best suppliers to ensure efficiency and prowess.


ADD-6 NEW is a diesel additive for cars and heavy vehicles, Diesel and Turbo Diesel. Used regularly, it improves the combustion of diesel fuel and facilitates cold starts. It is antifreeze, dispersant, antibacterial, antifermentative, detergent, lubricant, cetane improver.

Diesel filter.png
Diesel Filter

The Acquasorb Diesel Filter is a filter specifically designed for meet the increasingly stringent fuel cleaning requirements by modern high-pressure common-rail diesel injection systems.

Lubricating Oils

We sell lubricating oils for engines, transmissions; brands Ambra, Eni, IP.

For any other information you can contact us at +39 0532 818112 or send us an email at or using the box below.

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