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Bayco 3
In ambito di commercio di prodotti per l'agricoltura, trattiamo diversi tipi di  Bayco, come:Rafia, gommini Tree-Fix, Gomma classica per legare e tanto altro.

Bayco monofilament can be applied in a simple and fast way: seven times lighter than iron wire, less labor, no maintenance and it is never to be retrofitted or replaced.

Bayco 2


Insecticides and fertilizers do not affect it. No damage from rust and corrosion, it always remains black and smooth, does not damage stems and branches, does not stain the fruit.


High resistance to high temperatures under permanent exposure: from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C. Melting point 215 degrees

Gommini Tree-Fix da 6 e 8 cm

Maximum stability to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents.

Bayco exceeds the life of the plant system!

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