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Vendita fitofarmaci
Commercio prodotti per l'agricoltura

Navarra, the most reliable name in agriculture, has been serving farms for over seventy years.

We offer qualified agricultural consultancy in the fruit, seeds and horticultural sectors. Our technicians are available every day for advice on the defense and nutrition of crops, having a wide range of pesticide products, fertilizers and seeds.

Navarra is also a fuel depot. It provides an efficient, fast and punctual delivery service, with trusted and qualified personnel throughout the province of Ferrara and neighboring territories.

Why Navarre?

Because we take care of agriculture!

Voghenza (FE), Tel. 0532/81.81.12, e-mail:


Our Services

Sale of agricultural diesel, automotive diesel or heating oil, tanks.

Plant Protection

Sale of plant protection products (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.)


Sale of granular and water-soluble fertilizers, products for plant nutrition and seeds.


Our company is equipped with all the necessary means to deliver all the products you have ordered directly to your home.


Find out where we are

Our    location on the map and additional contacts.

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